Traffic management, traffic safety and in a broader sense improving mobility is a moving target requiring adaptive solutions and innovative products. Learn more about our solutions designed to help you solve your issues around Intelligent Traffic systems (ITS).


Citilog provides a complete range of smart products for traffic management, extending from individual camera and software packages to complete video management systems and turnkey project solutions.

Analytics | Incident Management
Citilog CT-IM Analytics
Citilog CT-IM Analytics are the incident detection analytics for Citilog’s Incident Management and Traffic Statistics solutions. It integrates the latest Deep Learning applications for optimum performances. 
Analytics | Traffic Statistics
Citilog CT-TS Analytics
Citilog CT-TS is a video analytics suite that processes, collects and shares Traffic Statistics. It provides real time data to efficiently monitor and manage traffic in cities and on road infrastructures.
Analytics | Traffic Efficiency
Citilog CT-TE Analytics
Citilog CT-TE Analytics are a video analytics suite that monitors traffic at intersection in order to optimize the traffic light cycle and thus enhance mobility.
Analytics | Remote Enforcement
Citilog CT-RE Analytics
Citilog CT-RE Analytics is the set of analytics developed by Citilog for Remote Enforcement and particularly for detection of unauthorized parking and traffic violations.