Citilog CT-Recorder

Citilog CT-Recorder is a software module that records video streams 24/7 and is managed by Citilog’s Incident Management solution. Integrated video management is key for quick and efficient management of traffic alerts in real time and for historical analysis of incidents.


Product overview

Citilog CT-Recorder is a Network Video Recorder that records video streams 24/7. Recording video on a traffic and incident management system is particularly important as traffic operators often need to access video recording in order to fully understand a situation. In incident management, time is of the essence and it is paramount that video recording be readily and easily accessible for analysis. Updated natively embeds in the recordings all alarms and meta-data generated by CT-IM Analytics allowing fast and efficient search engine capabilities.

Citilog CT-Recorder: Natively integrated into a video and incident management system.

Play Video

Easy access to video recording for operators

The Citilog CT-Recorder records video streams from the incident management cameras as well as from video surveillance cameras. A graphical user interface allows the operator to easily retrieve and review the digital recording of any specific time period. In particular, CT-Recorder is very efficient in retrieving video recordings associated with traffic events: incidents, accidents that are detected by CT-IM Analytics and labelled within the recordings.


Open architecture

The CT-Recorder is compatible with 3rd party Video Management Systems and Traffic Management Systems. Recordings are available to 3rd party systems through ONVIF Profile S. ONVIF protocol provides standardized interfaces for retrieving CT-Recorder system information and for playing recorded videos.

Supported features


  • 24/7 recording
  • Event recording
  • ONVIF Profile S
  • ONVIF Profile G
  • From 1 fps to 25/30 fps
  • Adjustable recording duration