Incident Management

Automatic Incident Detection (AID) makes your entire traffic incident management chain more effective. Citilog’s solutions identify incidents in seconds – with record low number of false alarms – and support your operations with actionable real-time traffic data.

Faster and smarter incident detection
Whether dedicated to critical infrastructures such as Tunnels or Bridges, or to longer stretches of open road and Highways, your ability to manage traffic incidents depends on rapid and accurate information. No matter where an incident occurs, it must reliably be detected in time to reduce its impact on traveler’s journey and sometimes help save lives.

Citilog solutions turn cameras into Automatic Incident Detection (AID) sensors, creating a broad detection network where nothing is missed. Deployed through servers or directly on the edge, within the cameras, our state-of-the-art analytics detect incidents and alert operators in seconds. At the cutting edge is our new CT-ADL (Citilog Applied Deep Learning), which leverages the power of deep learning to eliminate false alarms – while maintaining today’s high detection rates.

Build your Incident Management solution
An incident management solution is built around an analytics module, Citilog CT-IM Analytics, a configuration and maintenance module, Citilog CT-Center and optionally an operator interface Citilog CT-Center client. It can also easily interface with a third-party VMS or a dedicated Traffic Management System.
Citilog’s Incident Management solution provides the flexibility to be implemented on a wide range of cameras, allowing you to choose the best camera for your particular context.