Technology and innovation have been in Citilog’s DNA from the beginning and are still core values today. The investment in R&D is an everyday reality at Citilog with Software Engineering team constantly looking for ways to improve the performance of the solutions for an enhanced customer experience.

Citilog traffic and incident management solutions are based on cutting-edge technologies from the beginning, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning yesterday, Deep Learning today. For now more than 25 years, Citilog’s commitment is to continuously innovate, by combining state-of-the-art technologies with a strong field-proven experience.

AI & Deep-Learning applied in Incident Management

CT-ADL: a uniqueness technology for best trade-off between detection rate and false alarms in all Incident Management contexts

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Citilog Automatic Incident Detection benefits from deep-learning powerful methodology to provide outstanding performance and accuracy for incident detection in tunnels and open roads environments. 

Driven by customers’ day-to-day reality, the CT-ADL technology prevent operators from being disturbed by any potential sources of false alarms, while guaranteeing a robust and resilient field-proven operational traffic management system. Citilog takes advantage of its enhanced market knowledge to offer an optimized solution, considering level of performances, hardware infrastructure and scalability upon a diversity of contexts. 

AI & Deep Learning for Traffic Statistics

A deep-learning multimodal counting solution.

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Attentive to market needs and new mobility trends, Citilog develops a new counting and classifying solution, based on deep-learning to efficiently monitor traffic flows for both vulnerable and motor vehicle road users.