In a tunnel, any incident -even minor- can have dramatic direct or indirect consequences. Citilog provides smart, video-based solutions for fast and reliable incident detection and management, complemented with traffic statistics. It covers all key aspects of video related needs of a traffic management center, with products ranging from dedicated sensor packages to full turnkey solutions.

A reliable tool for tunnel traffic operation centers
Striving for a fast but trustworthy incident detection, Citilog Incident Management solutions makes the most of the latest Artificial Intelligence and analytics technologies to deliver real time reliable alerts. This helps traffic operators to keep a single accident or stopped vehicle from escalating into far more serious situation. Through Citilog solutions, traffic operators get what’s needed to take charge of their infrastructure: Live images augmented with incident data, the ability to detect stopped vehicles in any level of traffic, wrong-way driving, debris, smoke and pedestrian, as well as traffic statistics.
Best of both worlds
Tunnel operations heavily rely on video surveillance cameras for the operator to see and act. Citilog Incident Management Solutions for tunnel can be implemented in high quality visual cameras addressing your operational requirements while providing the best image quality for the analytics. The unique combination of edge detection and Deep Learning capabilities makes the Citilog solution a cost effective and trust worthy answer to the challenges of tunnel operation.