Incident Detection in Tunnels

Citilog provides world class, intelligent, video-based solutions for fast and reliable automatic incident detection in tunnels. Hardware agnostic, quick to deploy and easy to use.

To keep tunnels safe and accessible, infrastructure managers need a reliable traffic management system. The ability to quickly identify and respond to incidents in tunnels is an essential component of any effective and modern tunnel management system.

Immediate response

With a Citilog Incident detection system installed, you get total coverage of the tunnel and automatic incident warnings for tunnel operators. If a problem is detected, tunnel operators can take measures to avoid secondary accidents, alerting drivers and closing traffic in the affected lanes automatically or manually.

In a matter of seconds, Citilog’s detection solutions can identify almost any potentially dangerous situation. By detecting problems early on, not only is safety improved, but traffic slowdowns can be greatly reduced.


Citilog’s Incident Management software solutions are proven to reliably detect incidents with extremely low false detection rates in demanding environments.

Detected Incidents

Citilog solutions detects the following basic tunnel incidents:

  • Stopped vehicle
  • Wrong-way / ghost driver
  • Pedestrian
  • Lost cargo
  • Slowdown / Congestion
  • Slow vehicle
  • Smoke

Deep Learning

The unique combination of edge detection and Deep Learning capabilities makes the Citilog solution a cost effective and trustworthy answer to the challenges of tunnel operation.

The uniqueness of Citilog’s Applied Deep learning is the ability to run a specifically developed neural network targeting at eliminating false alarms.

Incident consequences

Tunnel incidents can have devastating effects on people and infrastructure. The consequences of incidents or fire in tunnels can in the worst cases result in severe fatalities, material damage and disruption of important infrastructure lines. But also, day-to-day delays and traffic jams generate huge costs for public and private organisations in a longer perspective.

 Citilog offering

Citilog covers all key aspects of video related needs of a traffic management centre, with products ranging from dedicated sensor packages to full turnkey solutions.

The solutions can be implemented on existing or new camera infrastructure and run both as a server-based implementation or as an on-board camera solution.

Our experienced Customer Success Team offers advice and support before, under and after the implementation worldwide.