Citilog CT-IM Analytics

CT-IM Analytics is the core of Citilog’s Automatic Incident Detection. This field-proven and reliable software is the result of 25 years of improvement combined with cutting-edge technologies to provide real time and actionable alarms for a powerful traffic management system.


Product overview

CT-IM Analytics is a video analytics software that processes real-time video streams from road traffic monitoring cameras to automatically detect incidents, send instant alarms and generate reliable traffic statistics.

Applied Deep Learning

CT-IM Analytics benefits from the latest evolution of the video analytics technologies, particularly Deep Learning, to bring incident detection to a new level of performances thanks to CT-ADL technology.

Developed by Citilog, CT-ADL technology minimizes false alarms and delivers exceptional detection accuracy, even in challenging environments. It employs a proprietary neural network trained specifically on road context data, leveraging 25 years of expertise in traffic analytics.

Thanks to these advantages CT-IM Analytics is ready to detect just out of the box, without additional on-site training.

CT-IM Analytics detects and classifies vehicles within seconds for immediate response

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Enhanced Vehicle Detection Capabilities

Stopped vehicules are detected in seconds and immediately classified according to their vehicle type, providing valuable information for informed action.

Powerful Wrong Way Detection

CT-IM Analytics acts as a vigilant watchdog, instantly detecting vehicles entering the road in the wrong direction. It identifies the vehicle type and tracks its trajectory, offering deeper insights for a more precise and effective response.

Pedestrian detection

Detect pedestrians on any lane, regardless of their direction, ensuring comprehensive safety monitoring

Smoke Detection

Deep learning intelligent smoke detection based on visual cameras ensures people safety in tunnels without compromise

Reduced false alarms

CT-ADL eliminate 90% of false alarms, even when faced with challenging conditions. This allows operators to focus on genuine incidents and react faster.

Dynamic alert level

Level of alarm automatically adjusted based on the severity of on-going incident, regarding if it involves a more critical vehicle type, such as a bus for example or a situation with multiple pedestrians. Suitable for different environments Specialized for every sensitive road insfrastructure, CT-IM Analityics effectively monitors highways, bridges, tunnels (entrances, exits, and interiors).

Supported features

Incidents detection :

  • Stopped vehicle
  • Wrong way
  • Pedestrian
  • Smoke
  • Loss of visibility
  • Debris
  • Lane change
  • Congestion
  • Slow vehicule

Traffic data:

  • Vehicle count
  • Classified volume
  • Average speed
  • Occupancy
  • Levels of service
  • Headway

Compatible architecture

CT-IM Analytics is available for both server-based and edge-based architectures.

On a server-based architecture, the CT-IM Analytics is totally camera agnostic and can operate with any camera or encoder that supports RTSP protocol or being ONVIF Profile S compliant.​

On the edge, the CT-IM Analytics application is compatible with a large range of visual Axis cameras, thus offering a lot of flexibility to choose the best camera according to your environment.

Interface with VMS and 3rd parties

CT-IM Analytics is compatible with major VMS solutions:

  • Milestone XProtect
  • Genetec Security Center

Our product integration is available with both server-based and edge-based achitectures.

Morevover, our product supports OPC/UA, XML and TCP protocol communication.