Citilog CT-IM Analytics

CT-IM Analytics is the core of Citilog’s Automatic Incident Detection. This field-proven and reliable software is the result of 25 years of improvement combined with cutting-edge technologies to provide real time and actionable alarms for a powerful traffic management system.


Product overview

Citilog CT-IM Analytics is the video analytic software that processes, in real time, video streams from road traffic monitoring cameras to automatically identify incidents and generate reliable traffic statistics.

Applied Deep Learning

​It benefits from the latest evolution of the video analytics technologies and in particular the application of Deep Learning, to bring incident detection to a new level of performances thanks to CT-ADL technology. ​

Leveraging 25 years of available data, CT-ADL relies on a purposely optimized neural network trained for road contexts and designed to differentiate real events from false alarms thus drastically increasing the performances of the product for traditionally challenging environments. ​

CT-IM Analytics with CT-ADL: a mature product benefiting from the combination of the best field-proven analytics and the cutting-edge Deep-Learning technology.​

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Stopped vehicles are detected in seconds, immediately identified according to their type. ​

Road operators are not disturbed by some interfering alarms, so focusing on what really matters at every time. ​

They benefit from the extended pedestrian detection, which efficiently tracks every travel within the field of view for a better risk estimation. ​

The level of alarm automatically adapts to perfectly fit with the on-going incident, regardless if it involves a more critical vehicle type, such as a bus for example or a situation with multiple pedestrians.  

Compatible architectures​

Specialized for every sensitive road infrastructures such as open-roads, tunnels or bridges, the CT-IM Analytics’ algorithms are capable to detect and identify every anomalous events and notify the traffic operator within seconds.​

CT-IM Analytics is available for both server-based and edge-based architectures. ​

When running on a server-based architecture, the CT-IM Analytics is totally camera agnostic and can operate with any camera or encoder that supports RTSP protocol or being ONVIF Profile S compliant.​

On the edge, the CT-IM Analytics application is compatible with a large range of visual Axis cameras, thus offering a lot of flexibility to choose the best camera according to your environment. That means you can choose the best visual camera that meets both the operator’s need for visual surveillance and the analytics’ need for sharp and clean images.

Supported features


  • Stopped vehicle
  • Congestion
  • Pedestrian
  • Wrong way
  • Slow vehicle
  • Visibility
  • Objects / debris

Traffic statistics:

  • Vehicle counting
  • Vehicle classification
  • Average speed
  • Occupancy
  • Levels of service