Citilog CT-IM Analytics

Citilog CT-IM analytics, are state of the art solutions for Automatic Incident Detection for traffic surveillance cameras. It provides real time, actionable alarms for the critical events that the traffic operators need to be aware of to efficiently and safely manage traffic.


Product overview

Citilog CT-IM Analytics, Citilog Incident Management Analytics, is the new version of the well established Citilog Automatic Incident Detection system for tunnels and highways.

It now benefits from the latest evolution of the video analytics technologies and in particular the application of Deep Learning, to bring incident detection to a new level of performances with regards to the ration of actionable alarms.

CT-IM Analytics with CT-ADL: A mature product benefiting from the latest development in Artificial Intelligence.

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Applied Deep Learning

CT-ADL is an optional component of CT-IM Analytics. It is the most advanced, Edge based compatible, Deep Learning module applied to Incident Management analytics. Leveraging 20 years of available data, CT-ADL relies on a purposely designed neural network trained to eliminates the false positive detections of an incident detection system, thus drastically increasing the performances of the product for traditionally challenging environments.

Edge detection

The edge detection offers multiple advantages. Overall this solution is cost effective as it reduces the installation and cabling cost as well as the operation and maintenance costs by eliminating the requirement of central servers. It also increases the overall system availability and reliability with less potential points of failures.

Multiple Camera choice

Citilog CT-IM Analytics are compatible with a large range of visual Axis cameras, thus offering a lot of flexibility to choose the best camera for the best application and environment. This also means choosing a visual camera that meets both the operators’ need for visual surveillance and the analytics’ need for sharp and clean images. The range of cameras to choose from carry multiple features extremely useful to maximize the solution’s performances, such as Electronic Image Stabilization, Lightfinder or Zipstream technologies.

Supported features


  • Stopped vehicle
  • Congestion
  • Pedestrian
  • Wrong way
  • Slow vehicle
  • Visibility
  • Objects / debris

Traffic statistics:

  • Vehicle counting
  • Vehicle classification
  • Average speed
  • Occupancy
  • Levels of service