Technology and innovation have been in Citilog’s DNA from the beginning and are still core values today. As a company, we invest heavily in R&D but also in public and private partnerships that help us deliver the best possible solutions.

We are passionate about what we do and our Innovation and Software Engineering teams are constantly looking for ways to improve the performance of our solutions for an enhanced customer experience.

Although Artificial Intelligence (AI) may be a buzz word today, it is not new to Citilog. We have been applying AI and Machine Learning since we started applying video analytics to traffic and incident management.

Today and for the past few years, we have been focusing on Deep Learning (DL) technology, making the most of computers and cameras' evolution, that makes DL applicable in real-life. Using Deep Learning technology, combined with our 20+ years of experience in Incident Management, we have taken the performance of Automatic Incident Detection to new heights and offered a never-seen-before customer experience.


We thrive at technology

Technology is our DNA and our researchers & engineers are passionate about finding new ways to improve traffic for all road users.


We strongly believe and we prove everyday that we have strong, state-of-the art products & solutions. However we never rest on our laurels and our innovation team of researchers and engineers are always on the lookout for new ways and new technologies to improve our solutions and bring new functionalities to the industry.

For example, we are strongly focusing on Smart Cities because we are convinced that managing multimodal traffic of all sorts (cars, public transportation, delivery vehicles, electric vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and all new modes of transportation) will be key to tomorrow’s cities future.

Never stop improving

Our commitment: bring you the best of our 20 years of experience with tomorrow’s state of the art technologies.


We believe in a technology that supports our customers and partners in their day-to-day operations: improving performances so that traffic operators can work more efficiently at saving lives on the road, reducing maintenance on site to ensure safety of highway workers.

We believe in a technology that is proven. Because our customers rely on our solutions to ensure the safety and security of road users every day. Every innovation we bring to the market is thoroughly tested in our labs but also on real-life sites.