Traffic Statistics

Traffic statistics are the building blocks of traffic information and management. Citilog’s Traffic Statistic solution is a reliable and easy to implement tool to collect such data in real time from dedicated video sensors or from traffic surveillance cameras.

Reliable, real time traffic information
Traffic information and traffic statistics are data central to cities and highway traffic operators’ daily operation. Citilog offers a reliable non-intrusive solution to collect, organize and produce actionable data and traffic statistics from dedicated cameras or as an add-on to traffic surveillance cameras.

To maximize flexibility and ease of implementation Citilog’s Traffic Statistics solution leverages the power of the cloud, so accessing the data to understand the actual traffic conditions and take informed decisions  becomes as easy as opening a web browser.

Build your Traffic Statistic solution
A Traffic Statistic solution is built around an analytics module, Citilog Traffic Statistic Analytics  Citilog CT-TS, a configuration and maintenance module Citilog CT-Center and either an on premises operator interface Citilog CT-Center Client or a web-based client Citilog CT-Cloud.
Citilog’s Traffic Statistics solution provides the flexibility to be implemented on a wide range of cameras, allowing you to choose the best camera for your particular context.