Smart Cities

As the overall concepts and requirements of Smart Cities evolve over time and in different regions of the world, improving mobility and reducing congestion remain a common goal and measure of success for all cities worldwide. This can only be achieved by understanding the actual traffic flow and demand through accurate and actionable traffic data. Citilog Traffic Efficiency and Traffic Statistics solutions provide these highly needed data with the tools necessary for Smart City policy implementation.

Flexible and adaptive solutions
Improving mobility in our cities requires understanding in real time the flows of city and road users locally at each intersection and at critical locations across the city. The flows of city users evolve rapidly with the emergence of new and more agile transportation modes with for example e-scooters or shared vehicle fleet but also with the implementation of new strategies shifting priorities towards pedestrians and bicycles. Citilog Traffic Efficiency and Traffic Statistics solutions help capturing this multimodal demand through the combination of high-quality cameras and state-of-the-art video analytics that are constantly evolving towards more capabilities of accurately detecting and identifying the flows of road users.
Multi-function sensors
Citilog solutions for Smart Cities are designed to address more than one purpose and deliver multiple features from a single sensor, thus maximizing the investment of cities and avoiding unnecessary costs. Our multi-function sensors deliver real time traffic data to optimize traffic flow in real time at intersections as well as traffic statistics for the traffic centers but also for the various departments in a city that use traffic statistics to measure efficiency of new city policies. Internal and external sharing of high quality video surveillance content and data can be made easy, efficient and cost-effective though our open-data platform.