Citilog CT-SDK

Citilog CT-SDK is a software module that interfaces Citilog’s Incident Management and Traffic Statistics solution to 3rd party systems.


Product overview

Efficient integration of sub systems is key to a successful Traffic Management operation. Because time is of the essence when managing an incident or accident, sub-systems must communicate efficiently and in real time with the central Traffic Management System.

Citilog CT-SDK, is a software module that allows transmission to all data generated by the Citilog Incident Management system towards the Traffic Management System.

Citilog CT-SDK: efficient integration of the Incident Management solution into the traffic and video management systems.

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Open architecture

The Citilog CT-SDK comprises a set of communications protocols chosen for their efficiency and ease of integration. The integration can be performed on a low level by interfacing only Incident detection alarms or on a high level by integrating elaborate commands that will get the best out of Citilog’s Incident Management solution.


Other protocols

For interfacing Citilog’s Incident Management to a 3rd party system using a specific protocol, please contact us.

Supported features

Citilog CT-SDK

  • Incident detection alarms
  • Traffic Statistics
  • System status
  • Technical alarms
  • Macro commands
  • Video wall control commands
  • Camera commands
  • Supported protocols
  • XML
  • OPC
  • TCP