May 2023

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Citilog Deep Learning better than thermal

Why going for expensive thermal camera for incident detection when you can use regular cameras augmented with Deep Learning detection technology?

In this age of artificial intelligence, the possibilities of software technologies are becoming infinite, and we must now consider the opportunities to overcome complex hardware solutions.

The benefits of using normal augmented cameras are obvious

Same performances :

  • Low False Alarm Frequency + High detection rate

Vehicle classification :

  • Not available with thermal cameras

Long-range detection :

  • Shorter detection range with thermal cameras due to low resolution which implies more cameras required for thermal

Less expensive : 

  • Use of visual cameras much less expensive than thermal cameras​, offer the possibility to have a visual confirmation/analysis by the operator (need extra visual cameras if using thermal)​

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Citilog creates smarter mobility through video analytics and Artificial Intelligence applied to traffic management solutions. Mastering the latest developments in Deep Learning for video analytics, we enable a smoother, safer journey for millions of drivers around the world. Our intelligent solutions reduce costs and risks for traffic operators, providing smarter tools and ultimately a safer road for the travelers they serve.


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