December 2023

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Let’s talk about Cybersecurity !


In our ever-evolving technological landscape, the security of Incident Management Systems is paramount. Over the last two decades, we’ve witnessed the transformation of simple closed-circuit setups into complex global surveillance networks. However, with increased connectivity comes heightened cybersecurity risks.

To address this, we’ve identified and prioritized three main risks: the human factor, cyberattacks, and viruses. Picture a scenario where a tunnel’s Incident Management System is compromised, leading to potential system failure and tunnel closure during peak hours.

Our commitment to your security involves a multi-faceted approach. We’ve implemented robust measures such as automatic lockdown of admin sessions, strict password policies, and encryption of all communications within the Citilog system. Additionally, features TLS protocol contribute to our comprehensive security strategy.

We understand the dynamic nature of cybersecurity and regularly update our software and firmware to stay ahead of emerging threats. Your trust in Citilog is our priority, and we remain dedicated to providing you with a secure and reliable Incident Management System.


Join us at the ATEC ITS France Congress,

January 23rd and 24th – Paris, Beffroi de Montrouge – Booth 12.


Citilog strengths 

  • Combination of pixel analytics and deep learning algorithms, enabling a detection range of 300 meters that cannot be achieved through deep learning alone. 
  • Experience the lowest false alarm rate in the market, with a base of 60,000 installed cameras, no one can match our capabilities. 
  • Optimize hardware requirements with cost-effective solutions. Totally camera agnostic, one server can handle up to 100 streams
  • Easily deploy our off-the-shelf product, that has been extensively tested in various configurations. No on-site learning is required. 
  • Expert technical support, our team at Citilog consists of six engineers with an average of over 10 years’ experience. 
  • Lowest total cost of ownership: redundancy, cybersecurity, maintenance contract and upgrade.

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Eric Murugneux

France: +33 6 34 17 29 59
Dubai: +971 502 88 74 85



Citilog creates smarter mobility through video analytics and Artificial Intelligence applied to traffic management solutions. Mastering the latest developments in Deep Learning for video analytics, we enable a smoother, safer journey for millions of drivers around the world. Our intelligent solutions reduce costs and risks for traffic operators, providing smarter tools and ultimately a safer road for the travelers they serve.


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