The Citilog Difference

With 20 years of contribution to the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) industry, Citilog remains at the forefront of innovations applied to solving current and future challenges of the ever evolving traffic management industry. Our intelligent solutions help boost road safety and mobility with analytics from Automatic Incident Detection (AID) to smart intersection control.

Citilog is the original innovator behind Automatic Incident Detection (AID) systems, which have been implemented in thousands of tunnels and bridges traffic control centers around the world. With this breadth of experience and understanding of the industry challenges, the new generation of products leverages new technologies such as Deep Learning to make it effective in the full range of open road environments.

Today, Citilog solutions give cities and traffic management authorities a broad span of effective and cost-efficient tools for increasing road safety and mobility. Beyond detecting incidents, our solutions help improve traffic flow, optimize intersection control and simplify traffic enforcement, as well as supplying accurate and actionable traffic data for real-time use and long-term infrastructure planning.


Our mission

We pave the way for safety, security and mobility by bringing intelligence into transportation.


With the flexibility of server based detection or the increasingly popular edge based detection the portfolio of Citilog’s solutions provides the best and most efficient technical solutions to each customer needs and requirements.

Design and implementation services are delivered with the very best in local support, provided either directly through Citilog’s international team or through a worldwide network of partners, fully trained to design, install, configure and maintain our products and solutions.


Technology and innovation have been in Citilog’s DNA from the beginning and are still core values today. As a company, we invest heavily in R&D but also in public and private partnerships that help us deliver the best possible solutions.

We are passionate about what we do and our Innovation and Software Engineering teams are constantly looking for ways to improve the performance of our solutions for an enhanced customer experience.

Although Artificial Intelligence (AI) may be a buzz word today, it is not new to Citilog. We have been applying AI and Machine Learning since we started applying video analytics to traffic and incident management.

Today and for the past few years, we have been focusing on Deep Learning (DL) technology, making the most of computers and cameras' evolution, that makes DL applicable in real-life. Using Deep Learning technology, combined with our 20+ years of experience in Incident Management, we have taken the performance of Automatic Incident Detection to new heights and offered a never-seen-before customer experience.


We thrive at technology

Technology is our DNA and our researchers & engineers are passionate about finding new ways to improve traffic for all road users.


We strongly believe and we prove everyday that we have strong, state-of-the art products & solutions. However we never rest on our laurels and our innovation team of researchers and engineers are always on the lookout for new ways and new technologies to improve our solutions and bring new functionalities to the industry.

For example, we are strongly focusing on Smart Cities because we are convinced that managing multimodal traffic of all sorts (cars, public transportation, delivery vehicles, electric vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and all new modes of transportation) will be key to tomorrow’s cities future.

Never stop improving

Our commitment: bring you the best of our 20 years of experience with tomorrow’s state of the art technologies.


We believe in a technology that supports our customers and partners in their day-to-day operations: improving performances so that traffic operators can work more efficiently at saving lives on the road, reducing maintenance on site to ensure safety of highway workers.

We believe in a technology that is proven. Because our customers rely on our solutions to ensure the safety and security of road users every day. Every innovation we bring to the market is thoroughly tested in our labs but also on real-life sites.


Over the last twenty years, Incident Management systems have come a long way in a matter of technology. What started as an analog video system working in a closed circuit (CCTV) is now often a complex surveillance system relying on multiple servers and a network of equipment connected to each other, communicating through different protocols and using numerous software and applications.

At the same time, threats have become more sophisticated and are constantly evolving. And the more complex a system is – the more potential points of entry it offers for an organized attack.

Our Incident Management systems are deployed on some of the most critical road infrastructures in the world with at stake the operation of the infrastructure, and the safety of road users.

This is the reason why Cybersecurity is ranking on top of the priorities for Citilog


Citilog is committed to provide the best solution to mitigate your risks


Citilog engineers strive to apply cybersecurity best practices in design, development, and testing of our software products in order to minimize the risk of vulnerabilities.

Our presales and technical support teams package solutions using devices (servers, cameras…) that fit our standards of Cybersecurity.

We provide resources and training to our customers and partners on best practices to use and integrate our solutions, with a focus on system security.

And last but not least, we provide support during warranty, maintenance and throughout the life cycle of your system to ensure the highest level of protection and security.




Citilog believes in a sustainable, ethical and responsible way in conducting our business operations.

At Citilog, we contribute directly to a more sustainable future through our products and solutions: a smarter road is also a
more sustainable road. Roads where traffic flows freely are efficient in more ways than one. While they help commuters and travelers get faster from place to place, Citilog’s Traffic Statistics solutions also reduce the effect of traffic on the environment through effective traffic planning and real-time traffic information for road users.

Citilog’s Traffic Efficiency solutions helps cities and traffic authorities optimizing the traffic flow at intersections which has a direct impact in reducing emissions of pollution and greenhouse gases in city centers.


A greener road as well

Relieving burden and congestion on the world's roadways makes a difference for the planet as well as its travelers.


Thanks to Citilog’s Automatic Incident Detection (AID) solution we can minimize the impact of incidents and accidents and help reducing accident-induced congestion, which means greener driving that involves less fuel and emissions.

Because Citilog’s analytics solutions can be deployed on existing video surveillance cameras, the IT and road infrastructure can be put to its full use without additional equipment deployment.

Instead of building new roads, tunnels and bridges, cities and regions can get more from those that already exist by optimizing traffic, with emergency-lane driving solutions for example. That avoids not only the investment cost and environmental impact of constructing new infrastructure, but also long-term increases in energy use through new lighting, signal and support systems.


The Citilog story officially started in 1997 with the creation of Citilog SA in Paris. However, Citilog was created as an inception of IFFSTAR a research institute for transportation and safety after more than a decade of research in the field of video image processing applied to traffic.

Right from the beginning, this defined our DNA as a company: offer intelligent transportation solutions that enable a smarter, safer journey for millions of drivers around the world.

Our history is filled with defining moments that have shaped our industry in general and Citilog in particular. Traffic events related to landmark traffic infrastructures, awareness in our industry and technology advances have driven changes in safety and security for tunnel infrastructures and of which video-based analytics is a corner stone.


Over two decades of innovation

Citilog was the first to apply video analytics to incident management – and is still pushing boundaries today.


We have pioneered defining evolutions and revolutions in our industry: the switch from analog video to network video initiated in 2005, the first video analytics solutions embedded into standard cameras in 2012. We have used Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from day 1 and for the past few years we have introduced a new generation of solutions based on Deep Learning that take the performances of incident management to new heights.

Citilog has always been and is more than ever a driving force in the ITS industry by continually launching innovative products based on an open platform. Our product portfolio offers a full spectrum of solutions from sensors to software applications so we can deliver the most cost effective and the best technical solution to each of our customers.


Since April 2021, Citilog is part of the TagMaster group.​

TagMaster AB is a leading supplier of data solutions and advanced sensor systems for Smart Cities and  Intelligent Transportation Systems.​

Both Citilog and TagMaster are leading technology providers in the ITS sector, selling direct and through channel partners to end users such as authorities and road operators.  The acquisition provides the companies with an enhanced capacity for creating future products and data solutions in the US and Europe. ​

Both Citilog and TagMaster are leading technology providers in the ITS sector, selling direct and through channel partners to end users such as authorities and road operators.  Joining forces provides the companies with an enhanced capacity for creating future products and data solutions in the US and Europe. ​

We believe that within the TagMaster group we can better serve our partners and our customers, so we can contribute together to roads where traffic moves safely and more freely.


Partnered for smarter mobility

Citilog and TagMaster’s leading software and hardware go hand-in-hand for superior traffic management solutions.

citilog ai

Like Citilog, TagMaster drives development and innovates continuously. 

TagMaster strives to provide customers with the benefits of improved safety and optimized traffic mobility, which fits neatly with Citilog’s focus on road safety and effective, cost-efficient utilization of traffic infrastructure. ​