Citilog and Axis provide the video Incident detection system for the CityLink Tulla Widening Project in Melbourne Australia. The System uses 153 Axis cameras & SmartTraffic-AID applications.

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Meet us at ITS France congress in Montrouge on January 24 & 25. We will showcase our latest innovations & products.
In Melbourne, Citilog celebrates 18 years of incident detection on the Citylink project and the deployment on this site of smart cameras with embedded AID.
February 2016 - We are delighted to announce that Axis has acquired Citilog. We are very excited to become part of Axis, the global leader in network video. We will remain focused on our customers and strengthen and build on our offerings to deliver even greater value.

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January 2016 Citilog accompanies french President François Hollande on his visit to India (24-26 January) in Chandigarh and Delhi. Citilog took part in the Business Summit with Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India. Citilog is one ambassador of the Intelligent Transportation Systems in view of the signed partnership between France and India to build Smart Cities.
December 2015 Citilog‘s VideoTrak-XCam is a hit at GulfTraffic in Dubai. VideoTrak-XCam is the North American version of its XCam-p video detection sensor.
December 2015 Citilog’s smart sensors XCam are used by the city of Glasgow in Scotland to measure the density of vehicles and pedestrians on the streets in order to adjust the level of street lights. This dynamic optimization of the lighting level allows a drastic reduction of the electric consumption and a reduction of pollution along with greenhouse gases emissions.

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November 2015 Citilog’s smart sensors XCam are used by the city of St Petersburg in Russia to detect vehicles at intersections and manage the traffic lights. Optimizing the light cycles allows better mobility of vehicles and reduction of pollution along with greenhouse gases emissions.

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September 2014 Citilog is introducing a North American-compliant version of its XCam-p video detection sensor. The new version of XCam-p – the ‘p’ stands for presence detection – follows an agreement with Signal Group, the parent company of Peek Traffic. Peek manufactures the cabinet interface unit for the system. Citilog’s previous version of XCam-p is used internationally but does not conform to US standards.

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May 2014 The French Ministry for Transportation sees the deployment of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) as the future of transportation. It highlights numerous examples of smart technology deployment throughout France in recent years. Citilog’s solutions for automatic incident detection and smart intersection control are a major contributor. TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT on the french road network
May 2014 During ExpoTraffic Citilog introduced its recent developments for video detection, particularly its XCamEdge smart sensor. We showcase the recent deployments in Russia: smart intersection sensors for the Sochi winter games and a large Automatic Incident Detection project on the Moscow ringroad (MKAD). This project was presented to Victor Nilov, head of traffic police.


Application: Intersection Control – Presence Detection
Application: Traffic Data Collection
Application: Automatic Incident Detection
Application : Intersection Gridlock Prevention
Application : Intersection Gridlock Prevention
Application: Bicycle detection
Application: Traffic Data Collection
32,000 Video input processed daily
5 Incidents detected every minute
900 Sites monitored worldwide
55 Countries with presence


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