Remote Enforcement for more liveable cities
While traffic volume is an obvious cause for congestion in our cites, traffic and parking violations significantly contribute to building traffic jams and delay. Whereas it is a double parked vehicle blocking a traffic lane or a vehicle parked on a delivery spot that will cause the delivery truck to double park or at best drive around the block thus adding to the traffic, unauthorized parking is a significant contributor to traffic delays, pollution but also driver frustration.

Other violation are safety issues, such as cars parked on pedestrian crossings or bicycle lanes.

Quickly detecting and managing these violations has 2 benefits: on one hand it allows officers to intervene rapidly (on site or remotely when legislation allows) and avoid a severe traffic jam; on the other hand it allows traffic enforcement officers to be more efficient in their job.

Build your Remote Enforcement solution
A Remote Enforcement solution is built around an analytics module, Citilog CT-RE Analytics installed on any compatible Axis camera and delivered with a configuration module. It easily interfaces with a Video Management System to display alerts generated by the analytics. Additionally, CT-RE Analytics can be connected to Citilog CT-Cloud, a cloud platform that will provide statistics and efficiency measure of the Remote Enforcement solution.


The Remote Enforcement solution can be implemented on a wide range of cameras, allowing you to choose the best camera for your particular context.

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