Product overview

Using the right camera is paramount to achieve the best performance of Citilog’s Incident Management and Traffic Statistics solutions. But also, it ensures that the traffic management system, the incident management system and the video management systems operate and communicate efficiently.

incident management
Incident management cameras: great technology for an optimal operation of Traffic Management, Video Management and Incident Management.

Choosing a camera for incident management

Citilog CT-IM Analytics are compatible with a large range of cameras, thus offering a lot of flexibility to choose the best camera for a specific application and environment. This also means choosing  a visual camera which both meet the operators’ need for visual surveillance and the analytics’ need for sharp and clean images.  The range of cameras to choose from carry multiple features extremely useful to maximize the solution’s performances, such as Electronic Image Stabilization, Lightfinder or Zipstream technologies.


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Edge detection

Citilog CT-IM Analytics can be installed on a server with any brand of camera or directly onboard Axis cameras (edge detection). Edge detection offers multiple advantages. Overall this solution is cost effective as it reduces the installation and cabling cost as well as the operation and maintenance costs by eliminating the requirement of central servers. It also increases the overall system availability and reliability with less potential points of failures.

AXIS P1375

Thanks to the newest generation of Axis chip, AXIS P1375 Network Camera offers excellent video quality, even in the most challenging light conditions. Simply put, AXIS P1375 delivers the best video quality possible. It has electronic image stabilization for stabile images despite vibration, as well as barrel distortion correction and defogging functionality to ensure clear, sharp images no matter what.


AXIS M1137-E

AXIS M1137-E is a compact, outdoor-ready network camera that delivers superb image. Equipped with the latest generation of Axis chip, AXIS M1137-E delivers superb video quality even in low light conditions.