Queue Detection application for Smart Camera

Product overview

SmartTraffic-ng is a queue detection application that can be installed on compatible off-the-shelf smart cameras.

Installed at intersections, SmartTraffic-ng provides real-time queue measurement per traffic lane. Processed locally by the traffic controller or by a central system, the queue measurement is the ideal data to optimize the operation of traffic lights, reduce waiting time and at the same time pollution and emissions of greenhouse gases.

SmartTraffic-ng is also used for pre-gridlock detection at intersections, especially intersections with tramways or Rapid bus transit. By detecting standing traffic at the center of the intersection, the XCam-ng is the ideal solution to prevent intersection gridlock and public transportation delays.

Installed at ramps, SmartTraffic-ng provides real-time queue measurement per traffic lane. This is used to avoid queue spill-back on highways and freeways.

SmartTraffic-ng is an above-ground detector that eliminates constraints imposed by embedded loops installation and maintenance: lane closure, cutting road surface, etc.

SmartTraffic-ng can communicate to any traffic controller using XCom, a universal communication board. SmartTraffic-ng operates on Smart Cameras that are IP addressable and can be connected directy to newer generations of traffic controllers and to central systems.

Because it can be easily deployed on existing Smart Cameras, SmartTraffic-ng provides unrivaled seamless installation.


  • Vehicle queue detection
  • Vehicle queue measurement
  • Spatial occupancy
  • Pre-gridlock detection
  • Features

  • Ethernet communications, IP addressable
  • Video streaming
  • PC based configuration and monitoring tool: XCamMonitoring
  • Fail-safe outputs


  • Above-ground detection
  • Intersections using SmartTraffic-ng can experience 12 to 15% reduction of waiting time on average
  • Easily deployed on existing Smart Cameras
  • Cost-effective edge-detection architecture

Smart camera

  • The Citilog SmartTraffic-ng application can run on AXIS IP Camera equipped with a processor (ARTPEC) of generation 4 and above
  • List of compatible cameras: click here


  • Direct output: Ethernet
  • Output to Citilog XCom: Ethernet
  • Wireless communication module (option)

We continually strive to improve the performance of our products and solutions; hence the specifications and capabilities are subject to change. For complete specifications please download the data sheet.

This smart sensor is a cost-effective solution for adaptative intersection control and traffic optimization with H264 video streaming capability




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