Automatic Incident Detection application for Smart Camera

Product overview

SmartTraffic-AID is an Automatic Incident Detection application that can be installed on compatible off-the-shelf smart cameras. Designed to detect incidents and accidents on roadways, it provides real time detection of incidents and accidents as well as traffic data.

SmartTraffic-AID allows fast automatic real time incident detection with an alarm and on-screen display of incidents within a few seconds after an incident occurs.
Fast detection enables a proactive response to incidents and accidents and thus limits the risks of secondary accidents, minimizing human loss and infrastructure damage.

SmartTraffic-AID operates on Smart Cameras that are IP addressable and can be connected directly to any central system or roadside unit.

Benefits: Mobility and Safety

With a quick detection of incidents by SmartTraffic-AID, it is easier for Traffic Control Centers to track incidents in real time and then to anticipate congestion. With faster notification of accidents, drivers can anticipate, adjust their speed and avoid secondary accidents. The risk of congestion is reduced, which improves mobility on roadways.

Connected to the Traffic Control Center through the network or a wireless modem, SmartTraffic-AID will send a video clip of the incident or accident for investigation into the nature and cause of incidents and action by traffic operators.

Return on Investments

Because it can be easily deployed on existing Smart Cameras, SmartTraffic-AID provides unrivaled seamless installation. The Edge detection architecture is a very cost-effective solution, especially for site where power and connectivity are not granted.

Incident alarms

  • Stopped vehicle
  • Congestion
  • Pedestrian
  • Wrong way
  • Debris
  • Slow vehicle

Traffic data

  • Vehicle count
  • Speed
  • Occupancy
  • Level of service


  • MediaManager monitoring and management Graphical User Interface


  • Ethernet communications, IP addressable
  • Video streaming


  • Easily deployed on existing Smart Cameras
  • Easy connection to 3rd party systems and VMS
  • Cost-effective edge-detection architecture

Smart camera

  • The Citilog SmartTraffic-AID application can run on AXIS IP Camera equipped with a processor (ARTPEC) of generation 4 and above
  • List of compatible cameras: click here


  • Direct output: Ethernet
  • Citilog SDK : XML
  • Other standard protocols: AXIS event handling
  • Wireless communication module (option)

We continually strive to improve the performance of our products and solutions; hence the specifications and capabilities are subject to change. For complete specifications please download the data sheet.

This smart sensor is a cost-effective solution for Automatic Incident Detection with H264 video streaming capability




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