Smart Cameras & Smart Encoders

Smart Cameras & Smart Encoders for SmartTraffic applications

Product overview

Smart Cameras and Smart Encoders are devices that have available resources to host Citilog’s range of SmartTraffic applications.

The Citilog SmartCam solution combines an AXIS IP Camera (with support from AXIS Camera Application Platform) and a Citilog SmartTraffic Video Detection application to supply a compact, turnkey and cost-effective solution for Automatic Incident Detection.

Video detection algorithms run directly inside edge equipment (network cameras or encoders).


With the new Edge architecture, these solutions provide real benefits:
  • Savings on installation costs and maintenance (less hardware, less cabling, less racks...)
  • Less equipment & hardware
  • Less energy consumption
  • Increase in system reliability
  • Scalability
  • Optimization of the network bandwidth requirements (Video on demand and on alarm only)
  • Wireless communication and/or solar panel compatible

Alarm management & Integration into Video Management System

The SmartCam is designed to provide alarms, data and status to the Citilog MediaManager alarm and video management system. Hosted centrally on a server, this system was specifically designed to manage incident on roadways. In parallel to the Citilog Operator interface (MediaManager) a Citilog server which host the incident database, configuration and maintenance interface will also provide alarms and data to a third party VMS using Citilog's standard SDK. All data on the Citilog server are available on the SDK.

Choosing the right Smart Camera

The Citilog SmartTraffic Video Detection applications can run on AXIS IP Camera equipped with a processor (ARTPEC) of generation 4 and above. Check each SmartCam application for compatible cameras. The AXIS cameras able to host the application can be chosen from the Axis website and are summarized in the Technical Specifications below.


  • Depending on SmartTraffic applications


  • Depending on smart camera (click Technical specifications)


  • Scalability
  • Optimization of network bandwidth

Compatible Smart cameras with ARTPEC 4 processor

  • AXIS P1353/ AXIS P1353-E; EoL (End of Life)
  • AXIS P1354 / AXIS P1354-E
  • AXIS P1355 / AXIS P1355-E; EoL (End of Life)
  • AXIS P1357/ AXIS P1357-E
  • AXIS Q1604 / AXIS Q1614-E
  • AXIS Q1614/ AXIS Q1614-E
  • AXIS Q1931-E (Thermal)
  • AXIS Q1932-E (Thermal)

Compatible Smart cameras with ARTPEC 5 processor

  • AXIS Q1615/ AXIS Q1615-E
  • AXIS Q1635

Compatible Smart cameras with ARTPEC 6 processor

  • AXIS P1367/ AXIS P1367-E
  • AXIS P1368/ AXIS P1368-E

Compatible Smart Encoders with ARTPEC 4 processor

  • AXIS Q7411
  • AXIS Q7414 Blade
  • AXIS Q7424-R

Compatible Smart Encoders with ARTPEC 5 processor

  • AXIS Q7436 Blade

We continually strive to improve the performance of our products and solutions; hence the specifications and capabilities are subject to change. For complete specifications please download the data sheet.

Smart cameras and Smart encoders are the perfect solution for edge detection




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