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Andrei Potapenko from Komkon was interviewed on Bardachok TV. He had the opportunity to explain how XCams installed in Kharkov (Ukrain) improved greatly the mobility in the city.

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Axis Communications, a market leader in network video solutions, and Citilog, a provider of intelligent transportation solutions, have teamed up to showcase their solution to optimise traffic and transportation safety and efficiency.

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The Tuen Mun – Chep Lap Kok Link has two sections, an undersea tunnel and a series of viaducts. It finalizes the link between the New Territories in the north of Hong Kong and the new border crossing facility island, which is the starting point of the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macau bridge mega project, which was recently opened to traffic and is also running the Citilog AID solution.
The scope of supply of this project includes the supply of 74 AID cameras based on Axis P1365 as well as 94 Axis PTZ cameras Q8685 and associated VMS software, resulting in a complete AID and CCTV integrated solution.
Fagernes tunnel, located in the Northern Region in Norway is a 2,1 Km long bi-directional tunnel.

Citilog Automatic Incident Detection solution and Video Management System is deployed to monitor the traffic for incident on 32 visible and 2 thermal cameras.
Citilog is proud of its contribution to the Mobility Award winning project at SmartCity Barcelona 2018. The North Avenue Smart Corridor in Atlanta uses Axis cameras deployed across 25 intersections. The cameras are used for video surveillance but also for Traffic Analytics using Citilog’s applications installed onboard the cameras. Traffics Statistics analytics send traffic data onto Citilog’s CTCloud platform. Traffic Efficiency analytics detect vehicles and optimize the traffic light cycles. The project truly embodies the Smart City spirit that is working across silos and mutualizing resources within the city.

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First joint event in Mumbai, India together with Axis Communications and Genetec on October 25 to 27, showcasing our fully integrated solutions for Automatic Incident Detection, Traffic Data collection and Intersection Control solutions, embedded into Axis cameras and displaying the data on Genetec’s platform.
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The Bagua tunnel, second largest tunnel in Taiwan (2 tubes of 4900 m each) is undergoing a major equipment retrofit program.

The Taiwan Freeway bureau once again trusted Sunsky International Ltd, Citilog’s partner in Taiwan, to provide the Automatic Incident Detection to be implemented a set of 56 new IP cameras replacing old analogue cameras and 48 newly added IP cameras.
As part of a renovation project, Citilog has been awarded the supply of a new Automatic Incident Detection system embedded into Axis thermal cameras (Edge Detection) for the Aquitaine bridge Bordeaux

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Citilog is growing and moving into a new office space in Bagneux, Paris area.

We are delighted to share this new environment with our colleagues of Axis Communications.

We hope you visit us soon!
Citilog and Axis are providing a video analytics based Traffic Data Collection system along Marine Drive, in Colombo Sri Lanka.

The system uses Axis cameras and Citilog’s SmartTraffic-TD application installed on the first Smart Lamp Pole initiative launched in Sri Lanka, which serves various technological purposes including smart street lighting and smart parking.
Citilog continues to provide more mobility in Brazilian cities as one of its partner in the country, Dataprom, will soon install presence detection sensors, XCam-p, in Ponta Grossa, the 4th most populous city of Paraná with more than 330.000 inhabitants.

Those non-intrusive sensors will help improving the waiting time at intersection and thus ease traffic and improve mobility in the city.
Citilog continues to provide more mobility in Croatian cities as one of its partner in the country, Semafor, just installed presence detection sensors, XCam-p, in Gundulica Street, Koprivnica.

Those non-intrusive sensors will help improving the waiting time at intersection and thus ease traffic and improve mobility in the city.
Citilog provides the Automatic Incident Detection in the two tunnels bellow the city center of Saint-Gall which is the capital of the canton of Saint-Gallen in Switzerland. The system processes a total of 174 cameras with the MediaTunnel application.
Muskö tunnel connecting the island of Muskö, south of Stockholm, to the continent is a 2,9 Km long tunnel. Citilog Automatic Incident Detection system is monitoring the traffic for incident and traffic data collection on 53 visible and 4 thermal cameras.
Citilog provides the Automatic Incident Detection in the two tunnels bellow the city center of Saint-Gall which is the capital of the canton of Saint-Gallen in Switzerland. The system processes a total of 174 cameras with the MediaTunnel application.
Citilog and SEMEX are providing a video-analytics based Intersection Control and Traffic Data Collection system for the San Pedro Sula Municipality. The system consists of 110 XCam-p’s, 40 XCom’s, 20 XCam-TD’s and 30 SmartCam-TD+.

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Home of 8 million people and without a subway system or light rail network, traffic in Bogotá is recognized as one of the main problems for its citizens. Authorities are well aware of it, and not only want to help alleviate the commuting, but also intend to reduce the high carbon emissions causing the smog on the streets. Citilog is proud to provide a SmarTraffic-TD solution that will contribute to improve the urban transportation network of Bogotá.
Citilog and its partner Modern Network Enterprises in Oman, continue to develop the intersection control in the city of Muscat with XCAM-P virtual loop video solution. Citilog solution is now used in more than 25 intersections in Muscat, making a smarter city and smarter traffic light management for an optimised and more fluid traffic.
Citilog and Axis to provide the Automatic Incident detection and video surveillance systems for the new 2.7km bridge linking the mainland to the industrial island of Pulau Muara Besar in Brunei.
Citilog and Axis are providing a video-analytics based Traffic Data Collection system for the INVIAS in Colombian highways. The system uses 121 Axis cameras and Citilog’s SmartTraffic-TD application.

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ShuHua Highway - Taiwan: considered as one of the most scenic drive in Asia but also one of the most dangerous one, the ShuHua Highway, on the North-Est coast of Taiwan, is being renovated and will include Citilog Automatic Incident Detection to improve safety and traffic operation.

Citilog and Axis provide the video Incident detection system for the CityLink Tulla Widening Project in Melbourne Australia. The System uses 153 Axis cameras & SmartTraffic-AID applications.

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Meet us at ITS France congress in Montrouge on January 24 & 25. We will showcase our latest innovations & products.
In Melbourne, Citilog celebrates 18 years of incident detection on the Citylink project and the deployment on this site of smart cameras with embedded AID.
February 2016 - We are delighted to announce that Axis has acquired Citilog. We are very excited to become part of Axis, the global leader in network video. We will remain focused on our customers and strengthen and build on our offerings to deliver even greater value.

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January 2016 Citilog accompanies french President François Hollande on his visit to India (24-26 January) in Chandigarh and Delhi. Citilog took part in the Business Summit with Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India. Citilog is one ambassador of the Intelligent Transportation Systems in view of the signed partnership between France and India to build Smart Cities.
December 2015 Citilog‘s VideoTrak-XCam is a hit at GulfTraffic in Dubai. VideoTrak-XCam is the North American version of its XCam-p video detection sensor.
December 2015 Citilog’s smart sensors XCam are used by the city of Glasgow in Scotland to measure the density of vehicles and pedestrians on the streets in order to adjust the level of street lights. This dynamic optimization of the lighting level allows a drastic reduction of the electric consumption and a reduction of pollution along with greenhouse gases emissions.

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November 2015 Citilog’s smart sensors XCam are used by the city of St Petersburg in Russia to detect vehicles at intersections and manage the traffic lights. Optimizing the light cycles allows better mobility of vehicles and reduction of pollution along with greenhouse gases emissions.

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September 2014 Citilog is introducing a North American-compliant version of its XCam-p video detection sensor. The new version of XCam-p – the ‘p’ stands for presence detection – follows an agreement with Signal Group, the parent company of Peek Traffic. Peek manufactures the cabinet interface unit for the system. Citilog’s previous version of XCam-p is used internationally but does not conform to US standards.

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May 2014 The French Ministry for Transportation sees the deployment of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) as the future of transportation. It highlights numerous examples of smart technology deployment throughout France in recent years. Citilog’s solutions for automatic incident detection and smart intersection control are a major contributor. TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT on the french road network
May 2014 Citilog to install a large scale Automatic Incident Detection system of the Ringroad of Moscow (MKAD) as part of a large deployment of ITS systems in the Russian capital.
May 2014 During ExpoTraffic Citilog introduced its recent developments for video detection, particularly its XCamEdge smart sensor. We showcase the recent deployments in Russia: smart intersection sensors for the Sochi winter games and a large Automatic Incident Detection project on the Moscow ringroad (MKAD). This project was presented to Victor Nilov, head of traffic police.
June 2012 Citilog, the leading provider of intelligent real time video monitoring and surveillance solutions for traffic, transportation, security and safety management, is deploying XCam-td video sensors at Topaz service stations in Ireland.

Citilog has teamed up with Carra, its local Irish distributor, to provide an efficient and user friendly traffic data collection solution to Topaz (petroleum industry) in order to gather traffic data at the entrance and at multiple locations on roads leading to the service station. This gives Topaz accurate traffic counts and comparison data on vehicles traffic passing and entering the service station. Since 2004, Citilog has gained extensive experience in the deployment of reliable traffic data collection systems around the world, including 100 measuring points around Valencia, Spain.

Citilog is providing its XCam-td video sensor for traffic data collection, while Carra has developed the turnkey out-station solution (which includes power supply, data collection) and back-office system to provide traffic data access. The XCam-td low power consumption requirements are supplied by solar panels connected to a battery pack. Wireless data communications has been achieved via a GSM connectivity to facilitate flexible deployment in this remote location. The entire solution is hosted by Carra’s Event Management and Maintenance System (CEMMS) provides the web interface, event alerting, real-time access to the traffic data, configuration management and supervision of the Citilog video sensors from any computer connected to the internet.

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May 2012 In its april 2012 edition, TrafficInfraTech interviewed Rubens Borborema, head of traffic management for Rio de Janeiro, and Pierre de Champsavin, Business developement for Citilog. The success story of Citilog and its algorithm are presented, thanks to real examples inside the busiest tunnel of Brazil.
March 2012 Citilog, the leading provider of intelligent real time video monitoring and surveillance solutions for traffic, transportation, security and safety management, announces today it has won a contract to equip all 25 tunnels in Brussel’s with Automatic Incident Detection.

Citilog is teaming up with SPIE Belgium to refurbish the video surveillance equipment by replacing all cameras and converting to digital (IP) video, and providing the AID software for the managing and analysis of the video streams.

This will be the largest deployment of video surveillance for Automatic Incident Detection in Belgium, exceeding the Automatic Incident Detection system in the Liege tunnels, also installed by Citilog and SPIE.

Since 2003, Citilog has had extensive experience in the of implementation of IP video for Automatic Incident Detection with over 40 systems deployed world-wide, including a 220 IP stream system at Florida Department of Transportation, District 4.

Citilog and SPIE Belgium will provide the design, configuration and installation of the system. The Automatic Incident Detection software will be the latest release of the Citilog solution including features such as full hot-redundancy of the system, Servers and Analyzers/Video Detection Units, (which is a unique Citilog solution) and integrated Video Management Software, recently introduced by Citilog.

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February 2012 Congestion is up and so are traffic-related incidents, but new technology is promising to turn this trend around. Elly Earls investigates the top four traffic surveillance systems which have the potential to not just improve congestion and safety but curb emissions and save government money as well.

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December 2011 Citilog succesfully completed the installation of its Incident Detection system in the Reboucas tunnel in Rio de Janeiro. The Brazilian TV Channel Globo showcased the system as CET Rio praised its efficiency in preventing incident-induced congestion.
June 2011 Citilog is proud to announce the installation of a MediaTunnel system for the Rebouças tunnel in Brazil in partnership with its local Value Added Reseller for Brazil Engebras.

Located above the Corcovado, this tunnel is one of the biggest in Rio de Janeiro and has the name of a famous Brazilian engineer family.

Connected to 50 IP cameras using RTSP Protocol with high quality streams, this system features Citilog’s latest developments including redundant server and hot spare analyzer to provide the most reliable system possible. In case of any component failure, a hot redundancy enables to continue operation while the maintenance replaces hardware, thus maintaining a constant level of Safety and Security inside the tunnel. The hot-spare solution is very cost-effective as it allows a full redundancy without doubling the number of equipment.

Detecting critical incidents such as stopped vehicles, pedestrians and wrong way drivers, this system will help CET-Rio de Janeiro Companhia de Engenharia e Tráfego (Traffic Engineering Department) security team visualizing and operates quickly to solve traffic issues.

Citilog is proud to deliver this system in beautiful Rio de Janeiro, thus expanding its operation in Brazil.
30 March 2010 Citilog is contributing to easing up traffic jams in the lower Manhattan through its XCam-ng. The XCam provides real time queue length, enabling advanced real time intersection control strategies.

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February 2010 6 months ago, on June 26 2009, the A86 tunnel was officially opened on a 4.5 km section between Rueil-Malmaison and Vaucresson-A13 completing a portion of Paris’ 2nd ring road. Since then road users have widely adopted the tunnel and were able to test in real life the state of the art safety and security systems across the tunnel, including Citilog’s.

Engineered by Cofiroute the tunnel was nicknamed « Duplex » because of its double deck: the lower deck in the Rueil - Vaucresson direction and the upper deck for the Vaucresson – Rueil direction. The tunnel allows to travel in 10 minutes a journey that previously required 45 minutes. By reducing the surface traffic by 15%, the Duplex has a very significant contribution to the reduction of green house gases emission.

For safety reasons, the trucks will travel in a separate tunnel. The Duplex concentrates the latest innovations in terms of security and traffic safety and nothing is left to chance in this state of the art piece of infrastructure.

According to M. Bernard Lacrampe, the safety Guru at Cofiroute, “the Duplex was a very ambitious project and we chose to work with Citilog who gave us all the warranties in terms of raising the safety to where we wanted. We have never been disappointed and wish to pursue collaboration with Citilog on a safe extension of the A86.”

Once the project will be complete, 800 video input –fully redunded- will be analyzed by Citilog’s MediaTunnel software which was nicknamed DIVA by Cofiroute for Détection Immédiate des Véhicules arrêtés (Instantaneous Detection of Stopped vehicles). Every piece of equipment in the Incident Detection chain going from the camera to the Operators’ workstations is redunded in order to ensure the desired security level and reach 99.9% detection rate. This detection rate is also possible because everything in the tunnel was designed to reach these performances: from pavement to cameras and lighting.

An impressive Traffic Management Center was erected in Rueil to collect all data from the numerous control and safety subsystems inside the tunnel, particularly video cameras and the Citilog Automatic Incident Detection system. On the video wall a tunnel schematics shows the traffic in real time as well as incidents and anomalies. The faintest alarm is looked at and operators can remotely activate security systems as well as launch emergency vehicles based at both ends of the tunnel. The second section -5.5 km long- is under construction to link the A13 motorway in Vaucresson to Jouy-en-Josas near Versailles and should be opened in the fall of 2010.

Through this project Citilog is extremely proud to constantly raise the expectations of its customers and bring its contribution to enhancing security and safety for road users as well as increasing mobility and reducing congestion worldwide.
16 March 2009, Bala Cynwyd, PA Citilog, a leading provider of intelligent real time video monitoring and surveillance solutions for traffic, transportation, security and safety management throughout the world, today announced its Automatic Incident Detection (AID) software version 6. The new software features key performance gains for traffic and security related incident detection and monitoring of bridges, tunnels, roadways, highways and intersections. Improvements include a reduction in false alarms - particularly reducing the interference of shadows on monitoring and detection capabilities.

The upgrade enables Citilog’s VisioPaD™ solution to realize improvements in identifying appropriate object sizes and better trajectory tracking of vehicles. MediaRoad™ and MediaTunnel™ products from Citilog will realize a reduction in false alarms to improve traffic operations center incident responses and performance. Accuracy in detecting slow moving and wrong-way travelling vehicles is also improved for MediaRoad and MediaTunnel. Overall video quality is greatly enhanced to improve efficiency in responding to incidents and accidents as well as the traffic operator’s overall experience. Video clips, live streams and permanent recordings are available in H.264 encoding format, from 1fps to 25-30fps, either in PAL or NTSC.

“Citilog’s AID software version 6 offers compelling performance enhancements that significantly improve traffic and operations management center performance,” commented Christian Girardeau, CEO of Citilog. “The updated software touches each of Citilog’s solutions for traffic and security incident detection and monitoring solutions, improving upon many of the capability enhancements requested by our customers. With more than 400 worldwide deployments, we’re glad to offer version 6 to our customers to help them improve their capability to better manage traffic, secure their resources and provide overall improved safety, security and mobility across their infrastructure.”

There are other significant improvements offered in version six. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is totally revamped to facilitate operations and maintenance of the Citilog system. The new supervision GUI takes into account a lot of feedback gathered from Citilog partners over the years. It features a full database-oriented GUI, user and role definition and management. Maintenance tools, such as a tool to visualize traffic measures, backups or log-file management allow having a throughout understanding of the state of the system, ensuring performances remain constant during the lifespan of the system. The backend database has also been optimized for better performance for more rapid responses to user inputs and updates. It now also allows synchronizations for improved video clip management. . By adding to the list of supported IP cameras and coders, integration has also been strengthened. Version 6 is able to take advantage of dual-stream hardware.

Citilog’s AID software version 6 is available now worldwide. Interested parties are encouraged to contact Citilog for details or a Citilog value added reseller (VAR) near them.
April 2009 The continuing, favourable performance-versus-cost situation concerning detection and monitoring technologies is driving the proliferation of intelligence across road networks.Read more >>
April 2009 The county-wide expansion of CCTV coverage in Florida Department of Transportation's District Four is detailed by Citilogs Eric Toffin.Read more >>
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17 March 2010 Citilog AID software Version 6 Read more >>
10 March 2010 Florida DOT to deploy Citilog traffic-monitoring system Read more >>
10 March 2010 Traffic management system for Florida county Read more >>
9 March 2010 Citilog Deploys Traffic Automatic Incident Detection (AID) System with Florida Department of Transportation for Traffic Monitoring Along Interstates 95, 595 and 75 in Broward County
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